Larry McCord and Associates LLC Warns Parents of Risks Their Teenage Children Face When Riding in a Car with Friends
Also Offers Advice in What to Do If They Are Arrested

The school year for older teenagers means getting a ride from friends instead of taking the bus. While parents understand that their teenage children need their freedom, they must also be aware of who their children hang out with and make sure that their friends are not in possession of drugs because their children could be associated with such criminal activities, even if they did nothing wrong.

Larry McCord, Founder, Larry McCord and Associates LLC, is warning parents that if their son or daughter is riding in a car with a friend who is carrying drugs on them while in the vehicle, and is caught by the police, all the occupants will be arrested. "To the police, it does not matter who is in possession of drugs," he says. "If people are in the same car or the same room, there is the presumption of guilt on everyone."

Mr. McCord advises parents that if their teen is arrested, they should remind them that they have a right to remain silent and to have an attorney present. "Many teens are told, 'Just confess and we will let you go home,'" he says. "The police are allowed to say anything to solve the case. Remember, that anything you tell the police can be used against you. Be sure to contact an attorney in the event this happens to your child."

Mr. McCord concentrates his practice in education law, dealing with students' and teachers' rights and parental rights. He also represents parents and students with school suspensions, staff members at superintendent (3214) hearings and clients at Child Support Enforcement (CSE) and Persons in Need of Supervision (PINS) cases. He is also a certified school teacher and served as a personnel committee chairman of a local school district, school board president, district attendance teacher and hearing officer.

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