Meet Larry J. McCord (Founder and Managing Partner)

Larry McCord & Associates LLC was established by Larry J. McCord in West Babylon, New York. Attorney McCord graduated from Touro Law School, and he formerly had the honor of being president of the Board of Education. He is highly respected among his peers for his great accomplishments, and he is well-known in the State of New York for his vast experience in handling all aspects of divorce law proceedings. Throughout his years of experience, he has been Chief of Staff for numerous Suffolk County departments, where he was entrusted to oversee $100 million dollar departmental budget.

Background, Concentrations, and Experience

Attorney McCord has an extensive amount of experience in juvenile delinquency, divorce, education law, and family law matters. He has a deep rooted background in education law, where he has dealt with cases involving student rights, special education, suspension hearings, and other educational matters. At the present time, his main concentration is on divorce and family law cases. He is highly familiarized in dealing with legalities surrounding divorce, property divisions, child and spousal support, custody, parenting time, guardianships, orders of protection, and neglect petitions. Larry J. McCord has a lot of compassion for his clients, and he gives each and every case the personalized attention that it deserves. Mr. McCord is a veteran of the Vietnam War. He fought to protect your freedom and rights as a citizen, so let him fight for your legal rights to achieve success with your case.

Educational Background and Court Admissions

1. He Earned his J.D. from the School of Law at Touro College
2. He Earned his M.S. from Audrey Cohen College
3. He Received his BBA from Hofstra University
4. Attorney McCord is Admitted by the Bar of the State of New York
5. He Has Been Admitted to the Federal Eastern District of New York

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