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Uncontested v. Contested Divorce

Divorcing a spouse may be extremely difficult and mentally draining. The divorce process doesn’t solely involve the physical separation of you and your spouse; the process also involves the separation of assets, debts, homes, families, and much more.


Keep the Best Interest of the Child First

While a divorce is difficult for both spouses, it is even more difficult for children to endure. Even if children are not showing signs of emotion, it is likely that he or she is still experiencing hardship. Some children cope with anger by withdrawing themselves from activities or family, while others may exhibit outward emotions. […]

Temporary Orders May Benefit You During Divorce Proceedings

If you are in the process of getting divorced, it may be beneficial to execute temporary orders in order to avoid disputes between you and a former spouse. Temporary orders set forth guidelines for the following:


Mitigate Certain Risks When You Have a High Conflict Spouse

If you are involved in a contentious divorce, here are some tips to make the divorce process a bit easier.

Focus on the Next Chapter

Try not to dwell on the past. If you want to move forward in life, you must try to put any painful memories behind you, which may require you to […]

Alleging Adultery as a Fault for a New York Divorce

The United States has a divorce rate of approximately 40 to 50 percent. A major factor that contributes to many divorces is adultery. Adultery occurs when one spouse engages in an extramarital affair or sexual activity with someone other than his or her spouse. In New York State, a judge may take into account any […]

Don’t Snoop and Make Sure You’re Not Being Spied on During a Divorce!

Individuals involved in a contentious divorce may engage in snooping for a number of reasons. The most common reason people engage in snooping is to catch a spouse cheating in order to gather evidence of wrongdoing against the other spouse. Regardless of the reason, everyone is entitled to privacy. If you are in the process […]

Determining What To Do With A Home During A Divorce

Determining whether or not to sell a home during a divorce can be complicated. Oftentimes, one person may want to remain in the home while the other wishes to sell the home. If this is the case, there are many different options available such as one spouse buying the other spouse out, allowing one spouse […]

Domestic Violence and Divorce

Oftentimes, domestic violence is a common contributor to divorce. Domestic violence includes:

Physical abuse; Sexual abuse; Emotional abuse; Stalking; Threatening; and Harassment. […]

Having a Business Valued During a Divorce

Owning a business during a divorce may lead to some contentious issues, especially when one person seeks to hold a stake in the company while the other chooses to relinquish control of his or her stake. Ordinarily, a spouse that wants to maintain control over the company will seek to value the business at a […]

Uncontested Divorce

Getting a divorce is never easy, especially when children are involved and assets must be divided. Oftentimes, these divorces can be complex and contentious. A divorce may be either contested or uncontested. A contested divorce is where one spouse does not agree to pursue a divorce whereas an uncontested divorce is when both parties agree. […]

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