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Keep the Best Interest of the Child First

While a divorce is difficult for both spouses, it is even more difficult for children to endure. Even if children are not showing signs of emotion, it is likely that he or she is still experiencing hardship. Some children cope with anger by withdrawing themselves from activities or family, while others may exhibit outward emotions. […]

Don’t Snoop and Make Sure You’re Not Being Spied on During a Divorce!

Individuals involved in a contentious divorce may engage in snooping for a number of reasons. The most common reason people engage in snooping is to catch a spouse cheating in order to gather evidence of wrongdoing against the other spouse. Regardless of the reason, everyone is entitled to privacy. If you are in the process […]

Court Approach to Name Change When One Parent Will Not Consent to Raising a Child as Transgender

Recently, courts are using the best interest of the child standard in custody cases where parents disagree about raising a child as transgender. In some instances, transgendered children are seeking the court’s assistance to ensure their right to change their identity without parental consent. This may include the ability to access hormone therapy, change his […]

You Didn’t Pay Child Support, Can the Other Parent Refuse to Allow Visitation?

The court system views child support obligations and child custody orders as two distinct and separate issues. Child support is generally ordered to a non-custodial parent to help support the child’s custodial parent in order for the child to be able to receive necessary care. Whereas, child custody orders are typically not withheld from either […]

What Say Does a Child Have in Custody Arrangements?

Court ordered custody arrangements can either be argued for in the Supreme Court of New York or in Family Court. When a case for divorce is brought forward in the Supreme Court of New York, the child custody arrangement will also be presented at that time. Whereas, in Family Court, a child custody case is […]

What To Do If A Child Custody Agreement Is Violated

The violation of a child custody agreement is a serious issue that could lead to severe consequences. A child custody agreement is considered a court order. This means that violating the agreement is a violation of a court order. Additionally, violation of a custody agreement may have a significant impact on the well being of […]

Child Custody Disputes

Although actress Kelly Rutherford’s battle with her ex for custody of their children is widely publicized, custody disputes occur every day to parents who aren’t celebrities. In that case, Rutherford has been attempting to gain sole custody after her ex had permanently moved to Europe. The custody battle has been on-going since 2009, even before […]

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