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You Didn’t Pay Child Support, Can the Other Parent Refuse to Allow Visitation?

The court system views child support obligations and child custody orders as two distinct and separate issues. Child support is generally ordered to a non-custodial parent to help support the child’s custodial parent in order for the child to be able to receive necessary care. Whereas, child custody orders are typically not withheld from either […]

Joint Custody and Child Support

Calculating child support can be a confusing and overwhelming process, especially if you are going through a child custody battle. One of the most common myths believed when calculating how much you may need to pay for child support is believing that if you have joint custody of your child, you don’t have […]

What Is Emancipation?

Emancipation is a way in which a minor can be legally recognized as an independent adult. Many refer to emancipation as a “divorce from parents.” Emancipation essentially gives minors the legal right to take full responsibility for their own welfare and decisions. A minor who is looking to become emancipated will face several […]

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Going Through A Divorce

Finances Make sure you have knowledge of all household finances. If a spouse manages all of the economic decisions and earnings, that spouse will have an advantage in the divorce. It is important to be aware of what household expenses cost, as well as any joint earnings or holdings. You should gather as much knowledge […]

Child Support

Under New York State law, children must be financially supported until they are 21 years old. Regardless of whether or not an individual knows a child personally or lives with them, a parent is required to pay child support under the Child Support Standards Act (CSSA) in New York.


Parents of Gifted Children May Receive Additional Child Support

On October 21, an Ocean County, New Jersey judge ruled that additional child support may be required to develop a gifted child’s talent. Typically, extracurricular activities are covered by basic child support payments. However, Superior Court Judge Leonard Jones said, “Additional support may be ordered when the activities advance a child’s potential.”


New York Same-Sex Spouses Divorce: Child Custody Considerations

According to a study published in 2013 by Dr. Nanette Gartrell and Dr. Jack Drescher, there are 690,000 same-sex couples living in the U.S. and 19 percent are raising children under the age of 18. In June 2015, the Supreme Court gave its opinion in Obergefell v. Hodges, sanctioning homosexual couples the constitutional right to […]

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