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New York Same-Sex Spouses Divorce: Child Custody Considerations

According to a study published in 2013 by Dr. Nanette Gartrell and Dr. Jack Drescher, there are 690,000 same-sex couples living in the U.S. and 19 percent are raising children under the age of 18. In June 2015, the Supreme Court gave its opinion in Obergefell v. Hodges, sanctioning homosexual couples the constitutional right to […]

New York Criminal Juvenile Delinquency Law

In New York, when an individual is between 7 and 16 years old, and commits an act that would be considered a crime if perpetrated by an adult, then juvenile delinquency law comes into play. The young individual must be found to require supervision, treatment, or detention. Once that is determined, the individual is termed […]

Child Custody Disputes

Although actress Kelly Rutherford’s battle with her ex for custody of their children is widely publicized, custody disputes occur every day to parents who aren’t celebrities. In that case, Rutherford has been attempting to gain sole custody after her ex had permanently moved to Europe. The custody battle has been on-going since 2009, even before […]

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